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Management procedures Elysee With years of successful history in professional and based on the method of days with more than a hundred garden ready to hold the most luxurious house in the most fashionable garden wedding Tehran and its suburbs is a ceremonial wedding Elysee team of experienced hosts receptions and design experts decoration ceremony at its disposal the professional group, the ritual ceremony, engagement and wedding many celebrities and prominent in their repertoire have recorded offering a variety of foods, heating and kitchen with excellent most dedicated garden wedding in Tehran. best price and highest quality with Fyngrfvdhay delicious, Juices fresh and the cuisine, the evening memorable by banquets Elysee for you will determine the other services provided by the formalities of the wedding good and cheap but classy and awesome as dining Moroccan marriage fashionable the newest models of ikebana, chocolate waterfall with various designs, cakes Wedding floor to floor with new models in Europe, the most different models of fireworks and Floral stylish place the bride and groom, input festive party you to one of the most luxurious wedding converter will use the cabin with several uniform and experienced , porcelain reception Shyvary, furnished, polymer. . . The lighting in different parts of the hall and wedding garden with beautiful colors and designs for every taste ….. 2017 , The new position of bride and groom proportional to the hall and wedding decorations, the figurines, candlesticks, base of the flower, boxes, chandeliers in the garden entrance halls and reception halls small part of the services the institute formalities excellent in Tehran as if looking for the best bars of music for engagement ceremony and the wedding itself, or like singer famous musical groups, professional, fun events you multiply just by visiting the office of banquets Elysee West side Tehran newest portfolio group orchestral wedding visit management Wedding ceremony in the Elysee special surprise Medes who contract with the famous wedding ceremony is considered. It is also possible to portfolio ceremonies prior arrangements there authentic menu with reasonable prices. The best quality at the most reasonable price to fit any budget the best quality and most luxurious deluxe ritual ceremony of the Elysee ask. Group video equipment with the best price and the best quality, a hairdressers suite with experienced, careful planning your event from the morning ceremony, contracted by more than 70 gardens and venues in and around Tehran, the best quality of food and catering kitchen allows you to cook a variety of foods with Iran and Fyngrfvdhay gourmet customizable for your event Writ this process is known as Tehran. Holding the celebrations of the wedding in a stylish and elegant garden wedding halls in Tehran and its surroundings by Kettering and formalities Elysee can guarantee the realization
of a beautiful night, happy with the luxury hospitality and gourmet dinner for you and your dear guests is
تشکر میکنیم که این مطلب را ملاحضه کردید لطفا برای حمایت 5 ستاره امتیاز بدهید با تشکر
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